Why You Should Buy a Cadillac Escalade

Every person has a dream of owning one of the best cars in the world. The confusion lies in the choice making process. There are so many cars available that it becomes difficult for you to choose the one which is the best. The experts of Escalade limo for sale understand your problem. To mitigate that, they have made a list so that you can know the reasons for which you should choose the Cadillac Escalade as your new ride.

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What is Cadillac Escalade?

The car giant Cadillac has manufactures this luxury SUV to make a grand entrance to the SUV market. This car is the first major move that the company has made to impact the SUV market. This car meets all the specifications that any truck has; even so, it is being called an SUV by all. You can find the car in every country where Cadillac is available. This is the company’s largest luxury oriented load and passenger carrying vehicle.


These cars are available in seven different colors. The experts of Escalade limo for sale explain that the car has a surrounding view camera, 10 speed transmission, and 4G LTE connectivity. There is a rumor going on about a new sports package that is going to be added in the 2019 version of the car on Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Platinum trim levels.

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Fancy Interior: The interior of the car is well equipped with various luxury features. The experts of Escalade limo for sale said that the most majestic luxury feature is the heated and cooled front seats which can be adjusted in 12 different ways to achieve maximum comfort. Other than that there is a plethora of active technology dedicated to deal with the security of the passengers.

Superfast Acceleration: Quick acceleration is the key problem for most of the SUV cars. However, the experts of Escalade limo for sale assure that Cadillac Escalade is free from all of these problems.

Engine: The engine of escalade is extremely powerful. This is the reason for which the quick acceleration is possible.

Infotainment: The Cadillac Escalade has a large 8-inch touch screen which hosts the company’s own infotainment system. The system is very fast and responsive. The menus are easy to access and the navigation system works smoothly. In backseats of the car, there is two 7 inch entertainment system.

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High Safety Ratings: All the SUVs have a big problem of rolling over. The Escalade does not suffer from this kind of problem.  The wide wheelbase of the car gives it the stability that other cars lack. Automatic brakes and the forward warning collision system have made the car to become a top choice for safety.

Great Active Safety: The car has in-built lane change alert along with many other active safety systems. The experts of the Escalade limo for sale said that the base model of the car lacks many features which are available in the upgraded models. The driver manual of the car lets you get familiarized with the safety systems of the car.

The Cadillac Escalade is one of best SUVs that are available right now. The luxurious interior feature and the active safety system make the car the best one that anyone could possess.

Reconstructing Cars and adding Armor

Military cars cannot be functional unless it is armored. They need to have the right equipment like a machine gun, cannon armament and must definitely have a body that is armored. BA 20 and 10 were especially popular in the Soviet Union and were built before the war. Car armor is a necessity for military vehicles. BA 10 was however regarded as average amongst all the other vehicles that were armored. Their weight varied between 4 and 8 tons, but the other variant BA 20 is lighter and weighs close to 4 tons.

Between the years 1938 and 1941 the BA 10 was in service, and was regarded as being among the best armored cars. The red army made use of these vehicles especially.

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The armored vehicles in the military have come a long way since its first advent. Car armor has never been more sought after than now.  The cab portion of both the BA variants was made by welding armored plates that were rolled, and were of different thicknesses. They were also rationally angled on every side. The armor on the side of the BA 10’s body was about 8-9 mm thick and the BA 20 had a thickness of 4-6 mm. This is the reason for the difference in the weight of these two cars. Their performance too varied accordingly.

There were always guns and weapons that were installed on military vehicles as they were all war machines. The BA 10 had a 45mm tank gun that was placed on the tower of the vehicle. Car armor is also important for the fact that any military vehicle has to be efficiently protected from its enemy’s attacks. There was also a DT gun close to the tank one. At the hull there was a second gun, which too was a machine gun. Four people were included as the crew of the BA 10.

The BA 20 had only one gun with a caliber 7.62 mm, and this was a machine gun placed on top of the tower part of the vehicle. Car armor calls for the installation of such devices as without them it is of no use. 1386 rounds of firing was its ammunition. This was inclusive of 63 cartridges and 22 discs. The crew was smaller and had 2 or 3 people at the maximum. A radio station was also installed within the car.

Much later in the Finnish war both of these BA variants took part and were also part of the Great Patriotic War. The BA 20 has been a part of reconnaissance battalions and was of great use in it.  Car armor is not an easy construction. It takes great skill to engineer something like that. The BA 10 had a different task and attacks in lieu with infantry were its specialty.

Nevertheless armored vehicles have evolved quite a lot in the recent times, but its most effective variants in the history of armored cars in military were the BA variants and they carried out every task efficiently.