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Welcome to OPC!

Written By: Ynohtna – OPC Web Admin.

As it should be pretty obvious to most of you by now, OPC stands for the Ottawa Prelude Club. Here in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, we have a dedicated group of enthusiasts who value all things Honda Prelude and any vehicles worthy of salivation.

OPC has a long history in the online world and I like to pay tribute to those times with a piece from the old site. The logo in this article is from that site sometime ago before my time here. The face lift for this site started on March 18th, 2007 and began with a transition to new forum and portal software. With the quality of open source products now, it was a no brainer to transition to something just a bit more user friendly and gives us a fresh and more modern look.

We’re quite friendly here and you’re more than welcome to browse our expansive database for information. Sign-up, it’s free, to chat with other members, ask questions, share your ideas, buy/sell items and etc. It’s an open door cause it’s the Canadian Way! eh! *groan* I know….

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