About us

As it should be pretty obvious to most of you by now, OPC stands for the Ottawa Prelude Club. Here in the capital city of Canada, Ottawa, we have a dedicated group of enthusiasts who value all things Honda Prelude and any vehicles worthy of salivation.

We’re quite friendly here and you’re more than welcome to browse our expansive database for information. Sign-up, it’s free, to chat with other members, ask questions, share your ideas, buy/sell items and etc. It’s an open door cause it’s the Canadian Way! eh! *groan* I know…. 

We’ll see how it goes, I know the car is dead (RIP: 1979 – 2001) but I believe this community is far from it. We’ll have to learn how to grow and adapt and keep everyone’s interest. The community is willing, the site needs to move.

Our community likes to organise events and activities to keep the members interacting. We have summer cruises and Friday cruises in a regular basis. We also time to time special events such as weekend getaways and new years events. So come, join and be part of the exclusives Ottawa prelude club and have a great time riding in your prelude.